Device Control

Modular measurement and actuator technology are the building blocks for efficient and versatile, automated test- and mounting systems. As these functions are software-defined, they are quickly reconfigured and easily repurposed to meet new test needs. Therefore, new application requirements can always be met.

We have the software tools to control various hardware components and devices. This includes components for GPIB, USB, Ethernet, LXI, LAN, W-LAN as well as serial interfaces such as RS-232. LabVIEW has been established quiet well on the market, so that a lot of manufacturers already offer their own LabVIEW-drivers for their products. Should a driver not exist for the product you want, we will develop it. This enables us to combine hardware components of different manufacturers in a single measurement and control system.

The National Instruments platforms such as PXI, PXI Express, PCI, PCI Express and USB can be used as well.