Software engineering

LabVIEW Software engineering made in Germany by Merecs
Modern (partially agile) and extremely goal-oriented software development in LabVIEW

Also and especially in the area of software development with LabVIEW your user-specific requirements are particularly important during the analysis and conceptual phase. Before you begin the actual LabVIEW software development, we will conduct a detailed discussion with you.

Software development in LabVIEW by professionals and for professionals

Be one step ahead of the competition in the area of measurement and control technology. With powerful LabVIEW software solutions, we give you the tools you need ...

  • Successful companies can provide specific competitive advantages with high-quality software solutions. Our individual solutions for your measurement and test systems as well as automation solutions can make a big contribution to this.
  • Software for data collection and analysis is one of the most important production factors in medium-sized companies and large corporations and is thus decisive for your company success.
  • Tailor-made software solutions from Merecs help you accentuate the distinctive characteristics of your products. Use this opportunity with us and a professional software development in LabVIEW for your next goals!

The software development can be divided into the following phases:

  • Independent and product-neutral analysis of your requirements. Of course, we take into account our many years of technology knowledge about the LabVIEW platform and various measuring and automation hardware such as PXI, cRIO, Agilent/Keysight, Siemens S7 etc.
  • Only if we exactly understand what you want to achieve, we start with the specification of your individual branch solution.
  • Together with you we define the optimal architecture and components for your software, on the basis of which your tailor-made application is developed.
  • We now select the best approach for your software development: Agil, formal, SCRUM, Kanban or waterfall – in the sense of your profitability and according to your wishes.
  • Time-to-market is becoming more and more important for our customers. The release cycles are becoming faster, to provide new products and to separate themselves from the competition. With these requirements, quality assurance and automated testing of your products are becoming more and more important. Merecs supports you with “Best Practices” in the field of quality assurance and demonstrates with different test types (unit test, module test, integration test, automated tests etc.) and test methods (tools), how a higher quality and reliability for your products can be realised.
  • Our collected domain know-how allows us to develop practical visions together with you and to act as an additional supplier of ideas for the project. We also take on the leadership of your project team (in combination with our specialists) as an exciting and challenging task.