Image Processing

The NI Vision Development Module contains an extensive library with image processing functions for image magnification as well as for verification of presence, orientation and dimensions of an object. Furthermore, the analysis and evaluation of a laser beam can be done with these image processing functions. It is possible to incorporate industrial- and web cameras by various manufacturers.  


The Vision Development Module offers the following possibilities:

  • Development of complex functions for decision-making processes depending on different test results.
  • Transmission of trigger- and test results via digital I/O, serial and Ethernet protocols.
  • Customized adaptation of interfaces
  • Image capturing of analog-, parallel digital-, camera-link-, GigE-Vision-, IEEE-1394-, DirectShow-compatible USB- and IP-cameras
  • Reading of barcodes and segment displays.
  • Implementaion of Smart Cameras, Compact Vision Systems, Embedded Vision Systems and Framegrabbers


Furthermore, add-ons and toolkits are available, that allow for integration of data acquisition-, motor control- and robot functions in one application.