Test stands for valves

We develop test stands for different types of fittings. Pumps, coolers, thermostats, filters and valves can be analysed of KV-values, pressure and burst pressure, flow, temperature and pressure changes. In our business, we rely on proven technology on the basis of Lab VIEW and hardware of National Instruments to create clearly process visualizations.  A safety PCL such as e.g. of PILZ will usually parallel be operated. 

Strength- and leak tests
Units under test of different sizes and versions can be tested by means of our testing technology for strength, tightness und function. For this we follow national and international guidelines.


Determination of the KV-value

Flown through components generate a pressure loss while flow-through. 
This pressure loss is specified by different check variants:

  • The static KV-value of fittings corresponds to the flow while pressure loss of 1bar
  • The KV-curve or the KV-characteristic diagram of actuator parts and valves in dependence on hub.


In general will be water used as testing medium. The flow will be measured in steady state operation on reaching the desired differential pressure.

Test stands for valves 10-280bar at ITT-Bornemann GmbH