Test stands for pumps

We develop and built test stands for pumps and can refer to several references within this area. Our real-time process visualization system is highly suitable for on-site customer presentations.

Our KV-controller operates several valves at the same time. Large valves are used to quickly approximate the target pressure. Smaller bypass valves are used for fine tuning. The advantages of our system are:

  • Efficient: For low carrying capacity the main line is closed and the pressure is regulated only with the bypass line and valve. There is no need for stopping or terminating the test run, to switch between lines of different diameters.
  • Time saving: The test-controller applies target pressures automatically. Automatic acquisition of pump performance curves and generation of test protocols.
  • Cost-saving: The integrated valves are optimally coordinated so that regular valves with a good cost-benefit ratio can be used.
  • Large range of application: It is possible to test the highest and lowest carrying capacity and pressure, as well as everything in between, at a single test station.
  • Reliable reproducibility: the test conditions for each pump can be reliably re-established due to high control accuracy.


The test stands for pumps that we developed so far have the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for continuous operation in end-of-line test mode
  • Measurement of pressure, flow, motor speed and torque
  • Automatic differential pressure regulation
  • Automatic detection of characteristic curves
  • NPSH-Tests (absorption- / cavitation- tests)
  • Automatic generation of test protocols
  • Manual control of individual valves and motors
  • Selectable language options of the software
  • Expandable and decentralized control system: cRIO-Real-Time-Controller (National Instruments) combined with an ethercat-system (Beckhoff)


We offer the following services:

  • Planning, consultation and, on request, writing or revision of the specification
  • Risk assessment according to Machinery and Pressure Equipment directives
  • Safety according to CE and declaration of conformity
  • Design and construction of valves and armatures, pipes and tanks
  • Construction of the switch cabinet and cabling
  • Selection and coordination of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Software development in LabVIEW
  • Process visualization for on-site product presentations
  • Safety-PLC (for example from PILZ)
  • Database connection, barcode scanner, QR-code recognition
  • On-site assembly, cabling and putting the test stand into service
  • Training of staff members
  • Maintenance and calibration of the system
  • Remote maintenance is possible


On request we send you more detailed information about the pump test stands already developed by us.